Rep. Bollin: State budget invests more in essential services without tax increase

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State spending plan headed to governor for final approval

Rep. Ann Bollin said she voted in favor of a new Michigan state budget plan that invests more in schools, roads, and other essential services without tax increases because that’s what Livingston County taxpayers expect and deserve.

Bollin’s votes came as the Legislature completed its work on a new state budget for the fiscal year starting Oct. 1.

“The Legislature has done its part to avoid a shutdown by sending a balanced, taxpayer-friendly budget to the governor for her signature,” said Bollin, of Brighton Township. “The budget invests more in roads, education, and public health and safety.”

“People in my district have told me, over and over, they want a state budget that cuts waste and invests more in priorities like roads, public safety and schools; and what they don’t want – a 45-cent gas tax hike,” Bollin said. “As a member of the appropriations committee, I worked directly on this budget, combing through departments and line items to be sure there is accountability and tax payer dollars are being spent wisely. This budget plan makes more efficient use of the tax dollars people already pay and invests more in the areas that matter most to Michigan families.”

In total, Bollin said the budget eliminates waste and holds state departments more accountable to generate $73 million in savings.

“The Legislature has delivered on its commitment to put a balanced, taxpayer-friendly budget on the governor’s desk before Oct. 1,” Bollin said. “It would be a shame if the governor refuses to sign it forcing a government shutdown.”