Rep. Alexander statement on Michigan state budget

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Rep. Julie Alexander of Hanover today issued the following statement after the governor vetoed $375 million in funding to fix roads and bridges:

“The governor campaigned on fixing Michigan’s roads and bridges, yet inexplicably she’s rejecting $375 million that would boost repairs without raising taxes or cutting essential services. It doesn’t make any sense.

“The Legislature went through the budget line by line to prioritize investments on what matters most to Michigan families – and that certainly includes more spending on road repairs. It’s our job as legislators to squeeze the most value out of every dollar taxpayers provide. Taxpayers expect us to use their money wisely and efficiently, and that’s exactly what the Legislature’s budget plan did.

“We already know the governor’s plan to increase the gas tax by 45 cents per gallon isn’t going to happen. She should join the Legislature in searching for ways to make the best use possible of the resources the state already has.”