Rep. Albert stands with Caledonia Schools in opposing Switch tax break

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State Rep. Thomas Albert today stood in opposition to legislation that would exempt Switch, a data company located in Kentwood, from certain taxes.

Albert, who represents the affected Caledonia School District, voted in opposition to the bill after learning about the negative impact the policy change would have on the local school district’s finances.

“There is a sharp difference between economic development and corporate giveaways, Albert said. “This bill will have a detrimental impact on Caledonia students and set a dangerous precedent for allowing legislative carve outs to certain businesses.”

Switch maintains that the state made an agreement in 2015 exempting it from any real or personal property taxes paid to local school districts.

“I simply cannot support legislation that gives a company an unfair advantage over its competitors while forcing our local kids to pay the bill,” Albert said. “This policy takes future resources away from Caledonia schools, students and teachers.”

Senate Bill 455 was approved by the House and now moves to Senate for further consideration.