Lawmaker moves to protect low nicotine-level flavored vaping products to help those trying to quit smoking

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State Rep. Steve Johnson this week introduced legislation that would exempt low level nicotine-flavored vaping products from the governor’s flavored vaping ban.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has announced revised emergency rules banning flavored vaping products, and ordering all retailers to comply within 14 days.

“Government bureaucrats should not make sweeping decisions that would take away smoking alternatives for responsible adults, and affects the livelihoods of hundreds of business owners across Michigan,” said Johnson. “The governor’s recent directions to her department regarding flavored e-cigarettes goes too far and needs to be limited in ensuring those who want to quit smoking still have options while protecting minors.”

Minors are predominantly attracted to high nicotine level vapes while those who are trying to quit smoking use lower level vapes. House Bill 5019 protects flavored vapes with a 2% nicotine level and lower. Europe has this same nicotine regulation and does not have the youth vaping issues that we have here. This common-sense legislation takes into consideration the governor’s concerns regarding youth vaping while also recognizing those that rely on flavored vapes to stay off combustible cigarettes.

“We need to work together in Lansing to provide thoughtful public policy that helps all of Michigan’s residents,” said Johnson. “I hope both parties can come together and do what’s best for our youth, our small business owners, and those who are struggling to quit smoking.”

House Bill 5019 has been referred to the House Regulatory Reform Committee for further consideration.