LaFave celebrates Second Amendment rights at annual capitol rally

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PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Beau LaFave proudly exercises his Second Amendment right on the House floor in solidarity with participants of the annual Second Amendment march this week at the state Capitol. The march shows support for the Second Amendment and allows citizens to meet with their legislators to discuss gun rights issues.

At the Second Amendment rally, LaFave had the honor of speaking to hundreds of Michiganders celebrating the right to bear arms, including members of the Delta County Gun Owners Association.

LaFave also highlighted his plan protecting citizens’ legal rights from taxation. House Bills 4863 and 4864, spearheaded by LaFave, would prohibit the state from applying the current sales and use tax rate of 6 percent on all firearms and ammunition purchases.

“It was a humbling experience to be able to speak to hundreds of patriots celebrating their constitutional right to bear arms at the Capitol,” LaFave said. “I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet and discuss with the members of the Delta County Gun Association who made the long trek down to discuss a variety of different gun issues facing Michigan residents. As the chair of the House Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee, I am currently working on a plethora of bills tailored to protecting the Second Amendment rights of all Michiganders – including my legislation that would implement constitutional carry.”