Johnson bill would end discrimination against foster parents

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State Rep. Steve Johnson today introduced a bipartisan plan that would prevent the state from discriminating against foster parents who do not vaccinate their own biological children.

“There is a well-documented foster home shortage in Michigan,” said Johnson, of Wayland. “The number of foster children is greater than there are homes available for placement, and the number grows every day.”

Currently, the state will not place foster children, from infancy through the age of seven, with families whose biological children are not completely vaccinated. This policy has prevented many families across the state from providing foster care, which is a contributing factor to the growing shortage in foster homes.

“I’m pleased to see that my colleagues from both sides of the aisle recognize this discriminatory policy is hurting our foster families around Michigan,” said Johnson. “The state mandates that all children in the foster care system be vaccinated, so my legislation would enable more able and willing foster parents across the state to provide the loving home that foster children so desperately need.”

House Bill 4711 has been referred to the House Families, Children, and Seniors Committee for further consideration.