Historic 100th Michigan Legislature can deliver historic car insurance reform

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By state Rep. Jason Wentworth of Clare

As the automotive capital of the world, there’s simply no excuse for having the highest average car insurance premiums in the nation. After decades of climbing costs caused by Michigan’s failed no-fault car insurance system, drivers across the state are not only demanding reforms, they deserve them.

For each day that passes without a devised, lasting solution, a Michigan family living paycheck to paycheck or a senior living on a fixed income opens an envelope knowing it’s a car insurance bill they cannot afford.

Skyrocketing car insurance costs may be the difference between some families putting food on the table or paying for daycare and insuring their vehicle. Out-of-control rates have also caused workforce talent to leave the state while leaving some workers no choice but to break the law by driving uninsured.

We as a state cannot continue to be held back by a system forcing Michiganders into making these decisions when this is a non-partisan issue. It’s well past time to deliver meaningful solutions that drive down costs – once and for all – for the more than 7 million motorists across our state. We have the opportunity – right now – to come together in a bipartisan fashion as the historic 100th Legislature, set our differences aside and finally figure out a way to fix a system responsible for financial hardships within many Michigan households.

I will do everything under my jurisdiction to spearhead legitimate, meaningful legislation that manufactures critical compromises resulting in more affordable car insurance rates. Regardless of which side of the political aisle an idea originates, I will always keep an open mind and spirit throughout the deliberation process.

While multiple comprehensive plans laid out in the past have failed to proceed due to a clash of interests, one thing remains clear. The solution we craft together – Democrats and Republicans – must better serve the interests of all Michiganders, no matter where they live, not the big players such as the insurance and health care industries.

Rep. Jason Wentworth, of Clare, is in his second term in the Michigan House serving the 97th District, which includes the residents of Clare, Gladwin and Arenac Counties as well as parts of Osceola County.