Chair Wentworth announces updated car insurance website

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Platform includes a how-to guide for drivers to receive savings July 1

State Rep. Jason Wentworth, chair of the House Select Committee on Reducing Car Insurance Rates, today announced the committee’s website,, has been updated to better prepare drivers for the upcoming changes to the state’s no-fault system.

The website will serve as a user-friendly platform for Michigan drivers who are looking to familiarize themselves with the new law set to roll out July 1. Wentworth and his committee colleagues spearheaded the landmark reforms, which include choices on the medical portion of insurance policies, fee schedules to protect accident victims from overcharging by hospitals, measures to crack down on rampant fraud and abuse, and guaranteed savings for every Michigan driver.

“Michigan families were sick and tired of paying astronomical car insurance rates they could not afford, and they were losing patience with their elected officials who were not delivering,” said Wentworth, of Farwell. “The House made a commitment to succeed where previous legislatures had failed. We approved a major overhaul of our state’s no-fault system that will deliver drivers real, tangible savings this July. To give Michigan drivers a better sense of what to expect, we restructured our website to help them navigate the steps required to receive the savings they deserve.”

ReduceMiRatesNow features all the available personal injury protection (PIP) coverage levels and a guide for each option drivers may utilize to familiarize themselves with the forms they will be expected to fill out in the coming weeks. The how-to guides detail the steps drivers will need to take to choose a coverage option that best meets their budget needs.

In addition to becoming familiar with the sample PIP and bodily injury forms, Wentworth recommends drivers start shopping around sooner rather than later to find the lowest rates possible as insurance providers make them available. Drivers are also encouraged to consult with a trusted insurance agent for further advice on choosing a coverage plan that is in the best interest of themselves and their families.