Bollin asks MDOT to explore citizen-proposed road funding solutions

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State Rep. Ann Bollin today proposed an amendment to the House’s transportation budget plan that would require the Michigan Department of Transportation to explore the feasibility of implementing tolls on Michigan roads.

Bollin noted this amendment does not commit Michigan to the use of toll roads, but, rather, directs the department to investigate them as a potential source of funding frequently suggested by the public.

“As representatives, we have an obligation to look into the policy solutions suggested by those we represent,” said Bollin, of Brighton Township. “We have a responsibility to give them serious consideration and understand what’s involved. We will be better prepared to make informed choices about how to best fund roads for the long run by conducting the due-diligence to research every option brought before us.”

The amendment, now included in the House’s transportation budget plan, directs the Michigan Department of Transportation to conduct an in-depth analysis into the process, timelines, opportunities, associated costs and potential revenue that could by generated by implementing toll roads.

Bollin is a member of the House Appropriations Committee and has been working on the budget for the last six months. Bollin has been engaged in developing budget proposals for the state’s agriculture, higher education, general government and transportation needs.