Snyder’s governing receives national recognition

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Even if you haven’t been following Gov. Rick Snyder, Governing magazine has. Take a look at what they have to say about him.

David Kidd, Governing

Prior to Governor Snyder’s first term in office, Michigan’s population was declining and jobs were disappearing. For those who stuck around, there was little hope that Michigan would rebound for the better. The decade-long decline became known as the Lost Decade — and it was the ultimate black mark on our state.

From the depths of the Lost Decade emerged Michigan’s toughest nerd, Rick Snyder.

Under Gov. Snyder, Michiganders have seen our state go from the bottom of nearly every list to the top of many of them. This turnaround has the nation calling Michigan the Comeback State.

Not only are Michiganders well aware of our state’s reemergence, but the national media has also taken notice. The latest honor comes from Governing Magazine, where Gov. Snyder was honored as one of the 2014 Public Officials of the Year.

Governing recognized Snyder’s ability to put politics aside and work towards finding long-lasting solutions that make Michigan a better state today — and tomorrow. Along with help from House Republicans, Gov. Snyder has been able to pass four consecutive budgets ahead of schedule, which has brought back consumer and economic confidence in our state.

The governor doesn’t just focus on the state’s year-end balance, he works to ensure the budgets are sustainable. People are clamoring for less partisanship and less negativity in politics. Rick Snyder’s style is certainly a way to bridge that divide.

–Doug Rothwell, President of Business Leaders for Michigan

What’s more, under Gov. Snyder’s leadership the Michigan House has been able to improve Michigan’s business and economic environments for everyone that calls our state home. During the last four years, our state’s job market has grown at the second fastest rate in the nation, and because of that unemployment has now reached pre-recessionary levels.

Job growth and smart financial planning has also allowed our state to grow its Rainy Day Fund, which in turn played a role in securing a feasible, bipartisan plan for Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings. In fact, just last week Detroit emerged from bankruptcy with a plan everyone is applauding.

As Governing notes, these types of decisions carry political risks, but Gov. Snyder and Republican leadership throughout the state know that the correct decision always outweighs any political risks. This mentality has helped our great state shed the Lost Decade’s dark cloud and move towards a better, brighter future for everyone who calls Michigan home.