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Rep. Mueller’s police disarmament bill advances to House floor
RELEASE|September 10, 2019
Contact: Mike Mueller

House Judiciary Committee OKs harsher penalties for disarming an officer

State Rep. Mike Mueller’s bipartisan plan to increase penalties for criminals who disarm – or attempt to disarm – a police officer was approved today by the House Judiciary Committee.

Mueller’s legislation was inspired by the tragic death of Oak Park Police Officer Mason Samborski, a Howell native who was killed on Dec. 28, 2008, by a suspect who took his firearm and executed him after he had become incapacitated during a struggle with the suspect.

“I’m pleased to see the members of the committee believe in this plan as much as I do,” said Mueller, a recently retired sheriff’s deputy. “We must stand up for our law enforcement officers who put themselves in harm’s way to protect the general public each day.”

In his August committee testimony, Mueller shared that suspects have attempted to disarm him on two separate occasions throughout his career.

House Bills 4315-16 would increase the maximum sentence for attempting to disarm a police officer from a five-year felony to a 10-year felony and ups the penalty for disarming a police officer from a 10-year felony to a 20-year felony.

Democratic Rep. David LaGrand, a former prosecutor from Grand Rapids, partnered with Mueller in sponsoring the legislation.

“It’s not a partisan issue,” said Mueller, of Linden. “Our goal is to send a message that the Legislature stands with law enforcement officers.”

The plan now moves to the House floor for further consideration.

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