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Rep. Lower bill protects Michigan correctional facilities from ‘escape map’ posting requirement
RELEASE|September 25, 2019

A proposal introduced on Tuesday by state Rep. Jim Lower, of Greenville, waives correctional facilities from requirements to post emergency exit maps in areas where inmates could see them.

Lower explained public safety is the primary concern behind the legislation. Mapped routes out of a correctional facility that are readily available to those housed inside could lead to an increase in escape attempts, which puts correctional facility staff and communities around prisons at risk.

“It’s sensitive information inmates certainly could file away,” Lower said. “When an emergency occurs, correctional facility staff can work to assist those housed in the jail. Escape maps have not previously been required. However, when talking with my local law enforcement officers, the state has recently asked them to post these escape maps. My bill will return us to a safer status quo.”

House Bill 5008 has been referred to the House Local Government and Municipal Finance Committee for consideration.

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