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Rep. Kahle’s plan helping residents, job providers who install solar panels signed into Michigan law
RELEASE|November 15, 2019
Contact: Bronna Kahle

Rep. Bronna Kahle’s plan helping families and small businesses who install solar panels on their properties has become Michigan law.

The legislation — providing clarity, consistency and predictability related to property taxes after the installation of solar energy systems – was signed this week by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer during the Michigan Energy Innovators Gala.

The bipartisan plan will ensure communities don’t charge higher property taxes after the installation of solar panel systems. In recent years, rules related to the taxation have varied by community – causing confusion and higher property tax bills in some locations.

“This reform will ensure people aren’t punished for doing the right thing – helping the environment, conserving energy and lowering their utility bills,” said Kahle, of Adrian. “No matter where you live or operate a business in Michigan, the rules related to property taxes for these energy systems will now be consistent and clear.”

Kahle’s new law treats solar panel installation the same as replacing a furnace, installing a generator or buying a more energy efficient hot water heater – none of which result in higher property taxes.

The bipartisan package includes House Bill 4069 – sponsored by Kahle – along with House Bill 4465 and Senate Bill 47.

PHOTO INFORMATION: Rep. Bronna Kahle (right) is joined by (from left) Rep. Yousef Rabhi, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Sen. Tom Barrett at the bill signing.


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