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Rep. Huizenga hails record funding for Michigan students
RELEASE|September 19, 2019
Contact: Mark Huizenga

State Rep. Mark Huizenga, of Walker, today put his support behind an advancing school aid budget approved by the Michigan Legislature, including the largest ever investment for students in state history.

The proposal provides a total of $15.2 billion for K-12 schools without a tax increase. Per-pupil funding would increase for every student in Michigan by $120 to $240 – a total increase of more than $300 million in the foundation allowance. The governor’s recommendation capped the increase at just $180 per student.

“This type of commitment to our schools helps put our state’s next generation in a position to succeed,” Huizenga said. “I’m proud we were able to come together in bipartisan fashion in the House and send a budget plan to the governor that stresses more money in our classrooms.”

The Legislature-approved plan also:

• Increases Career Technical Education funding to $50 per student and includes $16 million in equipment grants for a total of nearly $74 million in CTE investment.

• Triples the investment in literacy coaches.

• Includes a total investment of $510 million in at-risk students.

• Nearly triples funding for English language learners.

• Includes $60 million more than last year to reimburse school districts for special education costs.

• Provides $7 million for isolated school district funding and includes a tiered formula to allow for a wider distribution of funds to students in rural districts.

• Includes additional investments in school safety grants and school-based health and mental health programs.

“These are substantial investments that both sides of the aisle wanted to see. They also take into account and go beyond the ideas the governor laid out in her initial budget recommendation,” Huizenga said. “We’ve been working immensely hard to get this done so our schools can know how much they are getting for the upcoming fiscal year and set their own budgets. It’s now up to the governor to ensure we accomplish that goal.”

With approval from both the House and Senate, the plan now heads to the governor’s desk for consideration.

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