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Rep. Calley: Plan finalized to end budget impasse, reverse governor’s cuts
RELEASE|December 10, 2019
Contact: Julie Calley

State Rep. Julie Calley today voted to reverse the governor’s cuts to initiatives helping the state’s most vulnerable residents – ending a budget impasse.

Calley, of Portland, joined the Legislature in restoring funding to public safety, education, veterans’ services and several other programs. A measure sponsored by Calley – restoring more than $1 million for the Autism Navigator program – was also incorporated into the final plan.

The plan will soon head to Gov. Whitmer for her signature, reversing many of the cuts she made at the start of the budget year that began Oct. 1.

“I’m glad both sides of the aisle are finally coming together to pass a solution and end this manufactured budget crisis,” Calley said. “This plan puts people before politics and restores funding for programs people in our communities rely on every day.”

The plan approved today restores support for:

  • Public safety. The plan reverses the governor’s $13 million in cuts to the program allowing sheriffs to hire patrols for secondary roads and $15 million for a statewide fund that reimburses county jails for holding state prisoners. The measure also restores $10 million Whitmer eliminated for school safety grants.
  • Education. The House vote would restore funding for transportation in isolated school districts, dropout recovery programs and literacy programs. The Michigan Tuition Grant program, which helps nearly 17,000 college students statewide, will be funded.
  • Health care. The plan restores $7.9 million for rural hospitals providing obstetrician care, $16.6 million for rural hospitals serving relatively high rates of Medicaid and low-income patients, $10.7 million to improve pediatric psychiatric services, roughly $1.5 million to help children with autism, and roughly $2 million statewide to fight opioid drug abuse.

Calley also voted to restore grants Whitmer vetoed to ensure military veterans can get access to services they need at the county level, along with several other veto reversals.


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