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Rep. Alexander supports state of emergency extension, but says mid-June is excessive
RELEASE|April 6, 2020

State Rep. Julie Alexander supports extending Michigan’s state of emergency related to the coronavirus pandemic until May 1, but said the 70 days initially requested by the governor is excessive.

“I support a common-sense and realistic approach to how long the governor’s emergency powers should be prolonged,” said Alexander, of Hanover. “I agree with a 23-day extension, as this would be entirely practical. But making the decision to extend the order through mid-June, when it’s now only early April, is excessive and unwarranted.”

Rep. Alexander said the emergency declaration could later be extended again if the circumstances warrant it, but it’s too early to make that kind of decision right now.

“Our job as lawmakers is to work together to decide what is best for the people of Michigan, from Jackson to the Upper Peninsula,” Alexander said. “As fast as this situation is evolving, we need clarity on actions already taken and better understand the Governor’s plan for restoring normalcy as we move through this crisis. While we can all agree we must fight to protect public health, we cannot forget the economic burden this pandemic has had on our families, workers and small businesses. Our communities deserve transparency as we continue fighting through these difficult times; making decisions too early – for two months in advance – does not offer Michiganders real answers.”

“Millions of Michiganders are showing up for work every day to keep our state moving,” Alexander continued. “We’ve seen nurses, doctors, police officers, correction officers, firefighters, grocery store workers and many more answer the call to serve throughout these tumultuous times.”

Alexander stressed the importance of optimism and remaining calm as the situation evolves.

“I know how uncertain these last few weeks have been,” Alexander said. “I have confidence we will overcome these challenging times together as I have watched first hand our Jackson community step up to help those in need. As your state representative, my top priority is your health and safety. My colleagues and I continue to fight for all of you around the clock, requesting clarity on Executive Orders, taking your calls and answering your emails. I can guarantee if the extension does need to go past 23 days, we will cross that bridge when we get there. But making the call to extend the emergency an additional 70 days right now is the wrong call.”

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