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Wendzel stands up for local control
RELEASE|October 10, 2023

Rep. Wenzel today voiced strong opposition to legislation introduced in the House that would strip control away from local communities concerning the construction of large-scale solar and wind energy projects:

“Time and time again, we hear from Democrats in majority about respecting the will of the people.  Well, in my district, the people of Decatur spoke loudly and clearly when they shot down a solar ordinance with a margin of 80% to 20%. This sentiment is echoed all throughout rural Michigan with ordinances failing at the ballot box.  Now with this legislation, Democrats are telling Michigan residents that elections don’t matter, and their voices don’t count. That’s wrong, and it’s undemocratic.

If liberal lawmakers want to litter their communities with solar panels and wind turbines – fine. But don’t try and ram through legislation to overturn the will of voters in my district and tell them you know what’s best for them.  I can’t imagine any Republicans supporting this authoritarian version of the Democrats’ ‘Green Dream.’”

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