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We must stop the bleeding
RELEASE|November 6, 2023

By: State Rep. Pauline Wendzel

I’m mad.  Last week, Democrats kept members in session for more than 14 hours two days in a row while they twisted arms, threatened, and bought off members of their own party. For what noble purpose? To subvert the will of local residents and pass the most dangerous energy policy in the nation.  In ten short months, state Democrats have transformed the state I love to something unrecognizable, and I’ve had to watch from a front row seat.

I’m so upset because I now see that the likelihood of families moving out of Michigan has gone through the roof.  I’m seeing incredibly scary similarities to 2008, when our economy tanked, jobs fled our state, and my friends and people I graduated with went went with them to other states. 

I ran for office to make Michigan more competitive.  I joined this “bipartisan” population council to fight for ideas that have worked in other states that have seen their population grown. I’ve fought to make Michigan a state where everyone can live, work, and raise their family.  Unfortunately, for the first time in my five years serving, I’ve seen first-hand that knowing and willing ignorance have come before this institution, and how members of the majority party are beholden to talking points, cower in fear of other politicians, and are willing to live in blissful ignorance of what legislation actually does.

Last week alone, Democrats passed a green energy mandate that will quickly bleed out our manufacturing industry banning and making their main fuel source economically uncompetitive for the sake of an unrealistic utopian ideology and political favor.  They gave unelected bureaucrats the power to site windmill and solar farms anywhere they want, overturning elections in communities all across Michigan who have rejected these projects, overturning ordinances of local governments who have spent years working with all residents of their towns to write a policy that fits the needs of their unique communities.  Instead, Lansing knows best.  If you want to voice your displeasure or hold somebody accountable, you can’t.  Bureaucrats, not local officials, not your state representative or senator, run the show and call the shots.  

To seal it, they fixed in forced labor agreements, created automatic payroll deductions for political contributions to democrat-led unions, and allowed their allies to donate unlimited campaign contributions.  Rich coming from people who have decried money in politics.

Last week, they pushed me over my limit. Last week, they showed they’re more concerned about money and power, not making life better for the people they serve.  I’ve had enough, and I’m stepping up.

Michigan is worth fighting for, and I need your help.  Politics isn’t a passive sport; it requires constant engagement. As issues come up, it’s critical people make their voices heard.  We can’t sit on the bench any longer.  I’m all in, and I hope you’re with me in this fight. Together, we can take back Michigan and stop the bleeding.

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