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Vote Explanations – Week of May 1
RELEASE|May 5, 2023
Contact: Rachelle Smit

House Bill 4250:  Prohibits the holding or using of a mobile electronic device while driving. The bills also increase the penalties for a violation and allows the suspension of a license for multiple offenses.

Sponsor: Rep. Koleszar (D)
Passage: 68-39 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted NO: By expanding the current limitations, individuals will now be unable to even make or take phone calls or use their GPS systems if they do not have a hands-fee capable vehicle.

– – –

HB 4251:  Amends the Michigan Vehicle Code to add language to allow the Secretary of State to suspend a license if ordered by a court which is a provision added by HB 4250 and allows the assignment of points for violations as follows: • 1 point for a second violation. • 2 points for a third or subsequent violation.

Sponsor: Rep. Carter (D)
Passage: 66-41 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted NO: Allowing suspension of a license after three offenses could place individuals in the position of being unable to get to work or support their families.

– – –

HB 4252:  Amends the Michigan Vehicle Code to update language in the graduated license section due to changes in HB 4250 for penalties. The bill would also require the Michigan State Police to issue a report to the legislature and governor 42 months after the law goes into effect providing the following information: • The number of citations issued. • The race and ethnicity of the offender. • The number violations that caused crashes, serious injuries, and deaths for each category.

Sponsor: Rep. Mueller (R)
Passage: 68-39 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted NO: Increasing the costs of fines, and in some cases doubling them, may place already struggling individuals in a position to be unable to pay any fines.

– – –

HB 4201:  Amends the Liquor Control Code by removing the sunset on the law that allows on-premises licensees to sell to-go alcoholic beverages.

Sponsor: Rep. Grant (D)
Passage: 102-5 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted YES:  Cocktails to-go provide an additional revenue stream for on-premises licensees. And further protects the choice in the free market.

– – –

HB 4238:  Includes the most recent list of approved projects provides $23.3 million for 15 land acquisition and 30 recreational development projects supported with revenues from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF). The MNRTF Board approved these projects in December 2022.

Sponsor: Rep. Andrews (D)
Passage: 95-13 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted NO: This is millions of dollars to appropriate more land to the DNR.

– – –

SB 147:  Would amend the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to create protections for elective abortions.

Sponsor: Rep. Geiss (D)
Passage: 56-52 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted NO: Placing mandates on small businesses and religious organizations to fund late-term abortions is an unconscionable assault on their beliefs.

– – –

HB 4084:  Amends State Essential Services Assessment by creating a 30-day application window for late-qualifying EMPP exemptions to be filed with the state tax commission for 2021 claims.

Sponsor: Rep. Shannon (D)
Passage: 94-14 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted NO:  Regardless of the pandemic, there were mistakes made by some companies that should have ensured they properly filed their EMPP exemption. We should not be assisting them if they made a mistake.

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