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Vote Explanations – Week of March 20
RELEASE|March 24, 2023
Contact: Pat Outman

House Bills 4004, 4007 and Senate Bill 7

Right-to-Work and Prevailing Wage Repeal

These bills will strip workers of the freedom to choose to join a workplace union, compelling workers to join or lose their job. These bills violate the freedom of tens of thousands of Michigan workers who opt out under Michigan’s decade-old right-to-work laws. Additionally, HB 4007 would restore the prevailing wage laws that were repealed in 2018.

Why I voted NO:

  1. My office has fielded hundreds of calls, emails, and letters from constituents urging me not to vote to repeal Right-to-Work or restore prevailing wage. They agree that employees should be free to choose whether to join a labor union, but it should never be a condition of employment.
  2. Right-to-Work laws ensure that union members are well represented because workers will no longer be automatically forced to join the union and they will have to work and do the right things to earn and continue membership.
  3. Additionally, Right-to-Work will increase economic growth, leading to higher wages. Studies confirm that, and the proof is undeniable. States that have Right-to-Work policies are leading the nation’s economic prosperity.
  4. HB 4004 strategically included a funding appropriation, making it voter referendum-proof. That means if voters disagree with the repeal of Right-to-Work, they will have no ability to have a say at the ballot box via the voter referendum process. That is how voters have defeated tax increases and other bad policies that would harm our state and that the majority of Michiganders do not want.
  5. Prevailing wage artificially inflates the cost of state construction projects, wasting taxpayer dollars with little-added value. This includes school projects, which will bear an additional burden on the local taxpayers.

HB 4199

National Guard Tuition Assistance Program

This plan would amend the Michigan National Guard Tuition Assistance Act to authorize the adjutant general to establish a policy that allows one or more of the following family members of an eligible National Guard member to use his or her tuition assistance:
1. A lawfully married spouse.
2. A child, stepchild, or legally adopted child under 26 years of age.

Why I voted YES:

Education benefits are one of the most sought-after incentives for new recruits, as well as retention for serving members. Given the success of the MINGSTA program, the state should allow benefits to be extended to spouses or dependents of eligible national guard members, thereby expanding the possible recruitment and retention of national guard members.

HBs 4139-41, 4144 and SBs 79-82

New Gun Regulations

The House bills within this plan would require a firearm to be unloaded and locked with a locking device or if it could be accessed by a minor. They also exempt firearm safety devices from sales and use taxes through 2024 and require an exemption notice be posted where firearms are sold.

The Senate bills would require an individual to comply with certain safe storage requirements for a firearm that could be accessible to a minor and prescribe penalties for violations. Additionally, the bills require the Department of Health and Human Services to inform the public of the new requirements and penalties.

Why I voted NO:

  1. While I take the issue of gun violence very seriously, I’m not convinced these bills would meaningfully alleviate the problem. I am also concerned about the impact this would have on law-abiding gun owners and their ability to defend themselves and their loved ones in their homes if necessary.
  2. My office has fielded hundreds of calls, emails, and letters from constituents urging me not to support these bills.
  3. Multiple experts testified in the House Judiciary Committee and stated that these bills, as written, will leave many victims defenseless in a home intrusion.
  4. The bill sponsors and the majority party rejected EVERY commonsense amendment offered to address concerns with the bills as written.

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