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Vote Explanations | Week of June 5
RELEASE|June 8, 2023
Contact: Rachelle Smit

BILL PACKAGE HB 4420-4423:  Protecting Michigan Crime Victims Package

Sponsors: Reps. Rogers (D), Young (D), Filler (R), VanWoerkom (R)
HB 4420 Passage: 100-6 with Immediate Effect

HB 4421 Passage: 105-1 with Immediate Effect

HB 4422 Passage: 100-6 with Immediate Effect

HB 4423 Passage: 105-1 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted YES: We must do all we can to ensure crime victims are heard, so they should be allowed to conveniently provide their victim-impact statements through the use of remote technology.

– – –

HB 4516:  Would allow payments to tribal service providers from the Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Fund.

Sponsor: Rep. Coffia (D)
Passage: 103-3 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted YES: Federally recognized Indian tribes should be able to apply for and receive grant funds from the Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Board, to support services to victims of domestic violence in tribal communities.

– – –

HB 4244, 4245, 4247, 4281, 4289, 4290:  FY 23-24 budget bills that are returning from the Senate with their amendments.

HB 4244 & 4245 Passage: 51-54

HB 4247, 4281, 4289, & 4290 Passage: 52-54

I voted YES: Republicans voted YES to this package because, according to the House Rules, if the bills fail on the second round of voting in the chamber, where they were initially passed, they go to a conference committee. A conference committee for these budget bills means more taxpayer dollars are expected to be added to the budget.

– – –

SB 90:  Would prohibit discrimination on the basis of hairstyle, by including hairstyle within the definition of “race.”

Sponsor: Sen. Anthony (D)
Passage: 100-7 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted YES: This legislation will protect black Americans from discrimination in employment and education.

– – –

HB 4273:  Amends the Housing Law of Michigan by requiring enforcing agencies to notify tenants of any violations of the act.

Sponsor: Rep. O’Neal (D)
Passage: 93-14 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted NO: The notification to tenants should only occur if the violation puts their health or safety at risk. There is no need to report minor violations to tenants if the violation doesn’t put their health or safety at risk.

– – –

HB 4197:  Would allow broker-dealers and investment advisors to place temporary holds on disbursements of funds or securities when there is reason to believe that financial exploitation of a customer has occurred.

Sponsor: Rep. Witwer (D)
Passage: 103-4 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted YES: Financial exploitation can have severe consequences if left unchecked before and during an investigation. Giving broker dealers and investment advisors the ability to stop exploitation before it occurs could save many from potentially unrecoverable financial ruin.

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