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Vote Explanations | Week of Feb. 5
RELEASE|February 8, 2024
Contact: Rachelle Smit

House Bill 4864:  Would amend the Uniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities at MCL 554.73 and 554.75. The bill would make technical changes to the rules surrounding nonvested property interests and property interests subject to the power of appointment.

Sponsor:  Rep. Wozniak (R)                        

Vote Failed:  54-49

Why I voted NO:  It would not make any major changes to current law.

– – –

BILL PACKAGE HBs 4613 & 4614:  HB 4613 amends the Public Health Code by extending a temporary license for an EMTs or paramedic from 120 days to 1 year. HB 4614 amends the Public Health Code by requiring EMTs and paramedics with a temporary license to work under the direct supervision of those who are fully licensed.

Sponsors:  Reps. Prestin (R) & Fitzgerald (D)

HB 4613 Passage:  105-1 with Immediate Effect
HB 4614 Passage:  100-6 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted YES: There is a shortage of EMTs and paramedics, this will allow individuals to help fill needed roles while they finish their licensing requirements.

– – –

HB 4028:  Exempts wreckers from the seasonal axle loading restrictions when towing, or traveling to or from, a disabled vehicle.

Sponsor:  Rep. Zorn (R)                 

Passage:  106-0 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted YES: Towing vehicles should not have to worry about exceeding weight limits when assisting stranded residents that need immediate help or removing dangerous vehicles that are obstructing roadways.

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