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Vote explanations 3-5-24
RELEASE|March 7, 2024
Contact: Neil Friske


I voted NO on HB 4705 (Rep Tisdel), a bill to rename a portion of M-150 in Oakland County after Former Congressman William Broomfield. Although I appreciate Congressman Bloomfield’s service to our country as a veteran and elected official, I believe we should only rename highways after fallen first responders and active-duty military members who fall in the line of duty.

HB 4705 PASSED 104-3

I voted NO on HB 4977 and 4978 (Rep Roth & Rep Outman), bills to add certain summer resorts to the Summer Resorts and Park Associations Act. I voted NO on this legislation because the legislature would pick winners and losers regarding who can and can’t make this switch.

HB 4977 PASSED 94-13

HB 4978 PASSED 93-14


I voted NO on HB 4924 (Rep Dievendorf), a bill to create a process for partitioning property when the owner has no will. I voted NO on this legislation because this bill was rushed through the House and not adequately scrutinized. Many organizations, such as the Michigan Bar Association, had significant concerns with this legislation and were not given enough time to air those concerns in committee. It is more government regulation where government doesn’t need to be involved.

HB 4924 PASSED 94-13

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