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Vote explanations 2-13-2024
RELEASE|February 15, 2024
Contact: Steve Carra

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

I voted NO on SB 388 & 389 (Sen. Klinefelt) Would amend the Credit Union Act to extend to five years from three the dormancy reference so those accounts would be handled differently than others in the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act for active duty and active reserves military members.

EXPLANATION: It is inappropriate to allow special opportunities for a certain group of people that others don’t get to enjoy.

FAILED: 52-49, 52-48

Wednesday, February 14th, 2024

I voted YES on HB 4416 (Rep. Filler) Would amend multiple sections of EPIC, to increase financial caps each year, pursuant to the annual cost-of-living adjustment using the United States Consumer Price Index. In addition, the bill makes provisions for a standby guardian to serve a legally incapacitated individual. Finally, the bill prohibits an attorney from receiving significant financial gifts through an estate-planning document that the attorney drafted for his or her client.

EXPLANATION: I have previously supported this legislation for updating financial caps to keep up with the CPI and for allowing families more flexibility and protection in estate transfers.

PASSED: 105-0

I voted NO on HR 191 (Rep. Hoskins) A resolution to denounce the espousal of racist, xenophobic, and white supremacist language by members of the House.

EXPLANATION: Although the general sentiment of this resolution is something everyone should agree with, it was clearly brought forward to disparage Representative Shriver for a controversial post he shared on social media. The irony of this politically motivated resolution is that every Democrat voted for a racist budget last year. For example, Section 1017 of last year’s budget stated, “the department shall award grants to minority-owned businesses or nonprofit business organizations to implement small business development initiatives for minority-owned businesses in this state.” If Representative Shriver is going to be stripped of his committee assignments for a controversial post on social media, all the democrats should be stripped of their committees for voting for a racist budget.

PASSED: 98-5

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