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The importance of being honest
RELEASE|April 27, 2023

Do you ever really wonder just how dishonest the news media truly is? After settling a nearly billion-dollar lawsuit with Dominion voting systems, we’re seeing firsthand just how bad the executives truly are at Fox News.

In the past, Fox was known for its hard-hitting and fair and balanced reporting. But their recent decision to part ways with the highest-rated solo cable news host on television has left many conservatives scratching our heads. Why would the most trusted and most watched cable news network cancel their biggest prime-time star and his proven ability to deliver ratings? 

The answer, it seems, is that the network has caved to the pressure of cancel culture. In an age where everything is politicized, and people are quick to take offense at the slightest thing, Fox News has decided to sacrifice one of its most valuable assets to appease the vocal minority.

With legacy media on its last legs, this seems to be the worst move on the chessboard. Since 2016, corporate press outlets like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and yes, even Fox, have been struggling to keep their viewership up and maintain trust with the American people. The only notable exception: Tucker Carlson Tonight, which was the only cable news show that was keeping pace with the increasing popularity of alternative media.

Tucker spoke truth to power, he challenged the mainstream media’s narrative, and he’s been a thorn in the side of the liberal establishment. This brought over a new demographic of viewers and was a much-needed breath of fresh air for the dying medium. So why would Fox News silence him now?

This decision is costing them dearly. After news broke that the network and Tucker were parting ways, Fox News saw a nearly $1 billion drop in their stock value. It’s just the beginning of what could be a long and painful decline as they struggle to regain the trust of the conservatives across the country.

Canceling Tucker Carlson is not just a loss for Fox News, but for the entire conservative movement. He was a champion of our values and a voice for the forgotten men and women of flyover America. He gave a voice to millions of Americans, and he did so fearlessly. Now, his absence will be felt, and the void he leaves behind will not be easily filled.

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