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State Rep. Pauline Wendzel appointed to Growing Michigan Together Council
RELEASE|July 13, 2023
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Commission will focus on growing Michigan’s population by 2050

State Rep. Pauline Wendzel has been appointed to serve on the Growing Michigan Together Council, a 28-member commission that will make recommendations on how Michigan can grow its population by 2050.

The group will host workgroups, public hearings, and events around the state. Members will also look at ways to prepare Michigan’s workforce for in-demand jobs and emerging industries by proposing initiatives to improve preK-12 educational outcomes and long-term solutions for attaining a post-secondary education degree or a skilled trades certification. Additionally, to meet the needs of a growing, thriving population, the council will develop long-term, sustainable transportation, water, and infrastructure funding solutions. 

Under the act that created the commission, a Republican member from the Michigan House of Representatives must serve as a member of the council. Wendzel said she was honored to be selected for the position.

“As one of the only members on the council who is under forty, I look forward to providing a younger prospective and joining other members of the commission in our common goal to grow our state’s population, our economy, and improve the quality of life here in Michigan,” Wendzel said. “As a lifelong Michigander, I take great pride in our state.  When I graduated college, I had numerous friends leave Michigan for new and better career opportunities. I’m passionate about seeing people succeed here, and will be recommending common sense, pro-growth policies to bring people back to our state and create an environment attractive for families and job creators to make Michigan their home.”

In a nomination letter to the governor, House Republican Leader Matt Hall noted Wendzel’s experience serving as a deputy clerk, working on her family farm, and preserving Southwest Michigan heritage as a director at a local museum, in addition to her experience on several committees during her time in the state Legislature.

“Representative Wendzel will take that same work ethic to the Growing Michigan Together Council,” Hall’s letter stated. “She will bring valuable experience and knowledge as a member of the council.”

Since serving in the Legislature, the Growing Michigan Together Council is Rep. Wendzel’s third appointment.  Previously, Rep. Wendzel served on the Food Security Council, and currently serves on the Energy Reliability, Resiliency, and Accountability Task Force. 


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