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Speaker Wentworth announces committee rosters for the 101st Legislature
RELEASE|January 21, 2021

Speaker of the House Jason Wentworth today announced the committee assignments for the Michigan House of Representatives for the new legislative term.

“The selection of committees is one of the most important tasks of the legislature. It sets the tone and helps mold the agenda for the session,” said Wentworth, of Clare. “The process is a careful consideration of the experience and knowledge of elected officials, and the needs of the legislature and the people of the state. This committee structure and membership represent a powerful opportunity for us to address critical issues and get important things done while maintaining a focus on accountability and transparency throughout our processes.”

Speaker Wentworth appointed the Committee on Committees in November. It was cochaired by Rep. Mary Whiteford, of Casco Township, and Rep. Mike Mueller, of Linden.

“These assignments were made with a great deal of thought and consideration to ensure the 101st Legislature puts its best foot forward in its task to represent the voices of Michigan residents,” Whiteford said. “Each member brings with them a unique expertise and experiences. Taking that into consideration, we have crafted an excellent roster for the next two years.”

“I appreciate all of the hard work our team has put in to match each representative with committees where they will be able to contribute their knowledge and skills to help move our state forward,” Mueller said. “Our team carefully weighed everyone’s real-world experience, personal interests and policy goals to come up with a winning roster that will give legislators a platform to make sure the voices of their communities are heard.”

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