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Rep. Yaroch: Michigan House approves equitable school funding for all districts
RELEASE|July 2, 2021
Contact: Jeff Yaroch

Rep. Jeff Yaroch is continuing his work to adopt an on-time state budget with a historic accomplishment – equitable school funding across Macomb County and the entire state of Michigan.

Yaroch and the Michigan House on Wednesday overwhelmingly gave final legislative approval to a K-12 budget plan for the upcoming fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.

“I personally would have preferred that the entire state budget be done by July 1 – but the school portion is done, and I will continue working to make sure the rest is done well before the constitutional deadline,” said Yaroch, a member of the House Appropriations Committee. “Congress might let the federal government shut down, but that shouldn’t happen in Michigan. People should have confidence that there will not be a government shutdown. We have time to finish the job and make sure there isn’t one.”

Yaroch, of Richmond, is a strong advocate for equitable school funding and making sure Macomb County districts receive their fair share to educate our children. The House approved plan fully accomplishes this goal, which was first established through voter-approved Proposal A in 1994.

The House plan eliminates gaps in base per-pupil foundation allowances between districts. For most Michigan school districts, that translates to a per-pupil increase of about 7 percent. This plan has passed the Legislature and is now going to our Governor.

“I have pushed for fairness and I am happy to see it get done,” Yaroch said. “There’s no reason that school districts right next to each other should be funded differently by the state.”

In addition to the regular budget, all school districts would receive at least $1,093 more per-pupil in one-time federal COVID relief funding through the Legislature’s plan.

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