Rep Pauline Wendzel
Rep. Wendzel, Michigan House approve budget supplemental
RELEASE|December 14, 2021

State Rep. Pauline Wendzel today helped approve a budget supplemental that includes $36.3 million for responding to emerging environmental health threats in Benton Harbor and other communities throughout the state. 

The investment from the state’s general fund will support water sampling activities, hire a health officer in Berrien County, and expand Food Assistance Program benefits for Benton Harbor residents.  This funding does not specifically deal with lead line replacements but is in addition to the $10 million recently appropriated for Benton Harbor and the $1 billion set aside in Senate Bill 565 to accelerate lead line replacements across Michigan.

“It’s important we work together to solve this problem without playing politics, and I’m happy we could do that with this budget supplemental,” Rep. Wendzel said. “We’ve seen what happens in the short and long term when emergencies are politicized in other communities – the people suffer while politicians point fingers.  I always have and I always will fight for my community and will continue fighting for the necessary resources — so every resident of Benton Harbor has access to clean and safe drinking water.”

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