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Rep. Tisdel votes to protect Michigan residents from blackouts, high electricity prices
RELEASE|November 3, 2023
Contact: Mark Tisdel

Lawmaker opposes unaffordable, misleading ‘clean energy’ mandates

State Rep. Mark Tisdel tonight stood up for Greater Rochester residents and small businesses and voted against legislation that would result in higher electricity prices while exacerbating power failures.

The bills would mandate 100% “clean” electricity production by 2040, requiring expensive construction of wind and solar power and leading to the closure of natural gas plants. The shift to less reliable power sources would increase the likelihood of blackouts and brownouts, and residents will see higher electricity bills to cover the costs of new equipment.

“A rapid, forced transition to undependable power sources like wind and solar will bring on more blackouts throughout the state,” said Tisdel, R-Rochester Hills. “And while reliability goes down, the price of essential electricity will go up for homeowners, tenants, small businesses and factories that provide jobs and keep our economy running. Michigan families shouldn’t have to settle for electricity that doesn’t work consistently and that they can’t afford. That’s why I voted against these sweeping, expensive energy mandates.”

The “clean” energy mandates under the bills would effectively ban reliable natural gas plants, with an impractical exception only if a plant incorporates expensive, rare carbon capture technology. The final bills would also repeal a cap limiting electric rate increases for offsetting the cost of renewable standard compliance.

An expert analysis from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy projects that average monthly electric bills could nearly double under the legislation, and California, which adopted similar mandates in 2018, has seen rate increases dramatically outpace national increases. California has also started to backtrack on its energy mandates after widespread blackouts and brownouts.

Tisdel noted that despite the clean energy label, wind and solar energy create other environmental hazards. The mining and manufacturing processes for solar panels and wind turbines produce radioactive waste, greenhouse gas emissions, acids, and other harmful substances.

“You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and the ‘clean energy’ label here is no exception,” Tisdel said. “The truth is that mining and manufacturing processes for wind turbines and solar panels produce harmful waste — but you won’t find that on the proverbial book jacket.” The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed Senate Bills 271, 273, 502, and 519 along party lines.

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