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Rep. Smit’s Votes Explanations – Week of May 8
RELEASE|May 12, 2023
Contact: Rachelle Smit

HB 4033:  Requires the state to reimburse local governments for special election costs if that special election does not occur on a regular election day.

Sponsor: Rep. Paiz (D)
Passage: 94-16 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted YES:  Elections are a core function of our government – and as such they must be funded properly by the state. House Bill 4033 will ensure that proper funding. Right now, local governments are reimbursed by the state for costs they incur while conducting regularly scheduled elections, or when a special election is called regarding a statewide ballot question. But nothing in our state law guarantees that local communities will be reimbursed for special elections called by the Governor to fill a vacancy in the state Legislature or one of our congressional seats. The result is an unfunded state mandate placing a financial burden on local governments.

– – –

HB 4376:  Strikes the current language related to an insurance agent’s fiduciary responsibilities, and inserts new language that among other things requires all premiums and return premiums to be held in a separate account from the agent’s own funds.

Sponsor: Rep. Carter (D)
Passage: 83-24 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted YES:  Premiums held by agents should not be available for agent’s use. By having a separate account, this provides transparency and lessens the opportunity for the funds to be misused.

– – –

BILL PACKAGE HB 4362-4364:  Amends the Income Tax Act by creating space on the state income tax form to participate in the anatomical gift donor registry. Amends the Public Health Code by adding the registration to participate in the anatomical gift donor registry on the income tax form to the list of ways to donate an organ. Amends the Revenue Act by indicating how information received from the income tax donor registry may be shared.

Sponsor: Reps. Brabec (D), Neeley (D), Price (D)
HB 4362 Passage: 102-5 with Immediate Effect

HB 4363 Passage: 103-4 with Immediate Effect

HB 4364 Passage: 103-4 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted YES:  Because there is a lack of organs available for those that need them, this provides another option for an individual to opt-in to save lives.

– – –

HB 4437:  Appropriations omnibus for multiple departments and branches for FY 23-34 that would be used for the general government sections of the state budget.

Sponsor: Rep. Witwer (D)
Passage: 57-50 with Immediate Effect

Why I voted NO:  I cannot support giving a blank check to Gov. Whitmer without any oversight and not knowing the amount of funding and what it will be used for. 

– – –

BILL PACKAGE HB 4250-4252:  Prohibits the holding or using of a mobile electronic device while driving. The bills also increase the penalties for a violation and allows the suspension of a license for multiple offenses.

Sponsor: Reps. Koleszar (D), Carter (D), Mueller (R)
HB 4250 Passage: 71-36 *Previous Bill*

HB 4251 Passage: 69-38 *Previous Bill*

HB 4252 Passage: 68-39 *Previous Bill*

Why I voted NO:  This is the same bill package I voted NO on last week except for a substitute from the Senate to change the effective date.

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