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Rep. Schroeder: Michigan House approves funding for Clarkston Depot Park project
RELEASE|July 22, 2020

The Michigan House today approved funding for a Clarkston project that is part of a plan to improve outdoor recreation opportunities across the state, Rep. Andrea Schroeder said.

The project is included in recommendations from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. The recommendations are made to the Legislature, which is working to finalize the plan.

The measure includes $50,000 to replace and expand the Clarkston Depot Park walkway system and make it more accessible. The park’s popular gazebo – the site of countless weddings, prom photos, and other gatherings — will get a new accessibility ramp. Benches near the playground will be placed on expanded pads, improving access for wheelchair users.

“Depot Park is a favorite spot in our community, and these improvements will make it more enjoyable to even more people,” said Schroeder, of Independence Township. “I am always working to ensure statewide project lists like this one include support for the parks used by our friends and neighbors here in our community.”

Several other Oakland County projects are included among the recommendations. Statewide, the measure provides $28.7 million for 60 recreational development projects and 18 land acquisition projects.

Money in the Natural Resources Trust Fund comes from the development of minerals on state land – not general tax money — and is distributed on an annual basis in partnership with local governments. The money must be used for acquisition or recreational development projects, according to the Michigan Constitution.

The Natural Resources Trust Fund program dates back to the 1970s.

Senate Bill 145 returns to the Senate for further consideration.


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