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Rep. Schriver Digital Newsletter Apr. 26
RELEASE|April 27, 2023
Contact: Josh Schriver

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Dear Neighbor,

This week, I would like to highlight some of the usable, God-given, unalienable rights we all have as Americans citizens through our Constitution:

The Right to Redress Grievances to Your Government

We all have the right to write letters to our elected officials, show up at local board meetings, run for public office, contact elected officials about important issues that you care about and more.  We should not take this for granted as some nations do not allow this practice.

Do you have any grievances to redress with our state government here in Michigan?

Freedom of Speech

The right to speak freely is protected by our Constitution.  You can have conversations with others, coordinate public speeches and discuss freely without fear of government repercussions.  We should embrace this right and continue to speak freely!

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

One of the reasons why the Japanese only bombed Pearl Harbor (and did not fully invade Hawaii and more) is because they were very aware of our right to keep and bear arms.  The right to keep and bear arms allowing us to defend ourselves and others is enshrined within our Constitution.  World War 2 provided some insight into the immense preventative power of this right:

When asked why he would not invade the United States, a Japanese General (Yamamoto) said his reason for declining the offer to invade America was because “there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”  There is great power in our individual ability to defend ourselves and with great power, comes great responsibility.

Moreover, when asked why he would not invade the United States, a Russian General said, similarly, he would not “because there would be a scoped rifle behind every tree.”

The Right to a Trial by Jury

Our Founding Fathers designed our criminal justice system to give us the right to defend ourselves before a trial by jury prior to any form of punishment.  Treating everyone as “innocent until proven guilty” is a critical component of true justice.

It is historically unprecedented to have a Constitution like ours to design a government in which each elected official takes a Sacred Oath to protect the right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, a right to trial by jury and other important, usable, God-given, unalienable rights.

As your State Representative, I am staunchly opposed to any endeavor to perpetuate a political culture that “rubber stamps” policy without consideration and disregards evaluation/discourse centered on whether or not the given bill honors our Sacred Oath to uphold the Constitution.

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