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Rep. Roth, House Republicans announce plan to rebuild Michigan’s economy
RELEASE|April 18, 2024
Contact: John Roth

State Rep. John Roth on Thursday joined House Republicans in announcing their plan to help grow Michigan’s economy so Michiganders and job providers can succeed. Roth announced his portion of the plan, requiring state departments to explore strategies to improve relationships with small businesses.

“Small business owners are the backbone of our state,” said Roth, R-Interlochen. “We’re talking about folks who work 80 or more hours a week. Many of these businesspeople dedicate their entire adult lives to operating their businesses. These folks work the hardest. Yet, their state government doesn’t even give them a second thought. That has to change. State government must stop treating their relationships with small businesses as a chore. Clearly, state departments are unwilling to make these changes on their own, so it’s time the Legislature push them in the right direction.”

The House Republican economic growth plan comes after Gov. Whitmer’s Growing Michigan Together Council in December determined that Michigan needs a “bold, coordinated economic growth plan.” House Republicans laid out multiple proposals that form elements of the state’s growth plan, including reducing the income tax for Michiganders and small businesses, cutting red tape to make a fairer and more streamlined regulatory environment, and increasing accountability over taxpayer-funded economic development projects.


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