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Rep. Roth defends Michigan taxpayers while Democrats attempt to block an income tax cut
RELEASE|February 1, 2023
Contact: John Roth

In response to the Democrat-proposed income tax increase and murky retirement tax plan, Rep. John Roth (R-Interlochen) issued the following statement:

“The Democrats in the Legislature are actively trying to raise income tax rates at the worst possible time. Folks in my district are still struggling to make ends meet due to rampant inflation, and the ever-increasing cost of essentials such as gas, and groceries. This is a time to provide relief, not additional burdens, to those who elected us to serve here in Lansing, and spend taxpayer dollars efficiently. However, the Democrats are working to block a mandated income tax reduction that is set to go into place due to a 2015 state law, instead of handing this money back to the hard-working Michiganders who need this relief.

“All seniors deserve equal, and immediate relief. Under the Democrat-proposed retirement tax plan, only wealthy public pensioners would be eligible for a full pension tax repeal, creating an uneven playing field. Therefore, many retirees wouldn’t get full relief. The Republican-proposed retirement plan, however, is rooted in fairness. It helps everyone across the board – no matter your type of retirement income.

“Michigan is sitting on billions of dollars in surplus revenue as residents statewide continue to struggle. As legislators, we have a moral obligation to return hard-earned money back into taxpayers’ wallets immediately, not in a matter of years.

“Instead of following through with the Republican plan already set in place to provide immediate relief statewide, the Democrats continue to play partisan games, which may ultimately lead to the overthrow of practical policies that led to robust economic growth throughout the state for years. This is wrong, and goes against the needs of my constituents in Northern Michigan.

“I welcome my colleagues from the other side of the aisle to the understanding that tax cuts help people. While the Democrat-proposed tax plan only helps some Michiganders, I believe tax cuts should help everyone.”

The state income tax rate was set to be reduced this year due to a law the Republican-led state government approved in 2015, which requires the individual income tax rate to decrease automatically if year-over-year state general fund revenues increase at a greater rate than inflation. However, the Democrat-led majority in the Legislature is working to undo this, blocking the tax cut promised to Michiganders.

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