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Rep. Prestin: National Popular Vote proposal would silence Michiganders
RELEASE|March 20, 2023
Contact: David Prestin

State Rep. Dave Prestin is condemning the National Popular Vote (NPV) and its inherent measures that would disenfranchise voters in Michigan.

“There is a nationwide push to centralize the U.S. into recognizing a national popular vote process that undermines our state and our nation’s Republic,” said Prestin, of Cedar River. “This is nothing short of tyranny. The proposed National Popular Vote would only marginalize Michigan voters, diminishing their voice on the national stage. Under this anti-constitutional legislation, Michigan voters would lose control of their electors in a presidential election by joining a compact with other states.”

While proponents of NPV legislation claim this only strengthens and solidifies the electoral college, it actually dismembers it. It also neutralizes any last remnants of the constitutional Republican values in the system that gives each state control over their proportional contribution to the electoral college, according to Prestin. For instance, if ‘Candidate A’ took 95% of the vote in Michigan, and ‘Candidate B’ only took 5%, but won the national popular vote in the rest of the country, ‘Candidate B’ would technically win the state – despite only having the support of 5% of Michigan voters.

“We must ensure Michigan continues along the path of the constitutional republic our founders fought for,” Prestin said. “It’s our duty as legislators to preserve the American way of life for the sake of our children, grandchildren, and all future generations in Michigan. Your vote matters, and is worth fighting for. I will never surrender your rights as a voter to the coastal elites of New York and California.”

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