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Rep. Mueller says more restrictions can be lifted, approves plan for greater oversight of executive orders
RELEASE|April 24, 2020
Contact: Mike Mueller

State Rep. Mike Mueller today announced the governor will heed the recommendations of Michigan House legislators who have implored her to allow certain workers to return to their jobs and loosen restrictions on the sale of many goods and services, outdoor activities, boating, and traveling freely between residences and properties.

Mueller said he agrees with the relaxed restrictions, but more must be done to get more than 1 million Michiganders back to work.

“I share the governor’s goal of keeping people safe and prioritizing the health of our state’s population,” Mueller said. “I also have a goal to get the hundreds of struggling people in our communities back to work. There are still more industries that can return to work safely while adhering to physical distancing protocols. I hope to see more restrictions lifted by the governor in the coming days and weeks.”

To ensure a balanced approach to the restrictions, Mueller joined his colleagues today in creating a bipartisan oversight committee to review new and existing executive orders issued by the governor during the coronavirus outbreak and help address any issues that arise due to their implementation.

“This is a necessary oversight that ensures the voice of the people is a part of the conversation when it comes to how we address the constantly evolving situation,” Mueller said. “What makes our country so great is its system of checks and balances, and this committee will help better protect the interests of the people of Michigan.”

The Joint Select Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic will include five legislators each from the House and the Senate. Mueller said its existence will maintain key foundations of state government – checks and balances, involvement of the Legislature and its role as a conduit to the people it represents.


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