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Rep. Martin: House leadership’s failure to condemn Hamas is deeply disappointing
RELEASE|October 18, 2023
Contact: David Martin

State Rep. David Martin today expressed frustration and disappointment in the Democrat leadership of the Michigan House of Representatives for refusing to bring a resolution condemning Hamas and reaffirming support for Israel before the House for a vote.

Martin, R-Davison, co-sponsored the bipartisan House Resolution 146 along with more than 55 other state representatives. Still, the House Democrat majority’s leadership team made the decision to refer HR 146 to the Government Operations Committee, a panel widely known for shelving legislation that a majority caucus has no intention of advancing.

A motion to help advance HR 146 back to the full House for adoption was voted down in committee by the Democrat majority today – even after a similar resolution condemning the horrific actions taken by Hamas was adopted by the Michigan Senate.

“This is not a matter of partisanship,” Martin said. “It’s a matter of expressing our collective commitment to rejecting terrorism and promoting peace and security for innocent families who deserve to be safe in their own homes.”

On Oct. 7, Hamas, a terrorist organization supported by Iran, carried out a brutal assault on Israeli civilians, causing immense suffering among thousands of innocent Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Motivated by hatred and the aim of eliminating Israel, they committed heinous acts, including rape, murder, and torture against Jews, while also causing harm to Arab citizens and using Palestinian civilians as human shields.

Tragically, the death toll has risen to more than 1,300, including several Americans. Hamas has also taken an unknown number of hostages back across the border, including U.S. citizens.

“We must stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and the thousands of innocent families who have been affected,” Martin said. “It should not be controversial to take a fundamental stance against terror and condemn the ruthless and indiscriminate murders of innocent civilians, including defenseless children, at the hands of Hamas terrorists.”


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