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Rep. Lightner: With higher-than-expected revenue, Michigan can fund government services and sustain tax cut
RELEASE|January 12, 2024

State Rep. Sarah Lightner, the ranking Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, released the following statement after today’s Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference:

“The latest revenue estimates clearly show that there’s absolutely no reason to impose higher taxes on the people of Michigan. Even without the governor’s tax increase, there’s enough revenue coming into the state to fund education and other essential services in the budget.

“Any increases Michiganders have seen in their wages over the last couple of years are still being eaten up by inflation, and families continue to feel the pinch every time they step into the grocery store. The role of state government isn’t to spend all of people’s money. Lower taxes mean people keep more of the paychecks they earn, which helps them afford the everyday cost of living. With higher-than-expected revenue in Michigan, we can fund government services and sustain a tax cut. 

“Even the governor has acknowledged the need to help families struggling with inflation. Let’s support that sentiment, cut the income tax rate back to 4.05%, and let families keep more of their paychecks.”


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