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Rep. Lightner issues statement on short-term rental compromise
RELEASE|October 27, 2021

State Rep. Sarah Lightner today issued the following statement after leading the House in approving House Bill 4722:

“The measure approved by the House is a solid compromise that provides both certainty for private property owners across the state and flexibility for local municipalities that deserve to have some control over the planning and zoning of their communities.

“The blanket bans some communities have issued against short-term rentals completely disregard the private property rights of Michigan citizens. The solution I brought forward ends these bans while creating consistency and restoring the rights of Michigan families, so they can invest confidently in a home without worrying whether they will unexpectedly lose the ability to rent that home if they choose.

“It also addresses the need for communities to be able to take action when big corporations scoop up large numbers of homes to rent out, effectively acting as hotels without having to abide by safety standards or pay taxes like hotels. This will give our local municipalities the flexibility needed to regulate the industry in a very reasonable way that fits their community.

“I’m proud of the work we have done to make a bipartisan compromise that strikes the right balance on a challenging issue that has been heavily debated for the past several years.”

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