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Rep. LaFave spearheads bipartisan plan to prohibit vaccine passports in Michigan
RELEASE|May 5, 2021
Contact: Beau LaFave

State Rep. Beau LaFave on Tuesday introduced House Bill 4792, part of a six-bill bipartisan package, to prohibit the creation, implementation, and enforcement of COVID-19 vaccine passports in Michigan. The LaFave bill specifically prohibits businesses from mandating proof of vaccination for customers.

“The very idea of tracking and tracing citizens’ health data through a digital app should sound the alarm bells,” said Rep. LaFave. “Not only have vaccine passports been considered in some states, they have actually been implemented in liberal-run New York and marketed as something as similar and harmless as airline boarding passes. Disguising vaccine passports as anything other than an infringement on our civil liberties underscores the true nature of big government: greed, power, and overreach.”

New York state currently has a program in place for vaccination and negative test result proof. The Excelsior Pass allows businesses and venues to validate New York residents’ digital or physical passes, showing proof of vaccination or a negative test result. Officials in Hawaii and Illinois have also voiced support for vaccine passports.

“We are headed toward a true totalitarian state if we allow government officials to coerce us into providing them with personal health information in the name of safety,” said Rep. LaFave. “Our governor has not yet attempted to regulate proof of vaccinations, but this legislation will ensure it will be unlawful to ever do so, protecting the rights of Michiganders in the process.”

Eleven states have banned or opposed vaccine passports publicly. Vaccine passports are not currently mandated in the state of Michigan or federally.

Penalties associated with the legislation require noncompliance fees incurred by businesses to be paid to the victim, not the state of Michigan.

The package includes the following bills and sponsors:

  • HB 4789, sponsored by Rep. John Damoose: Prohibition on State Government
  • HB 4790, sponsored by Rep. Shri Thanedar: Prohibition on Political Subdivisions of State
  • HB 4791, sponsored by Rep. Steve Carra: Prohibition on Businesses of Public Accommodation from Mandating for Purposes of Employment
  • HB 4792, sponsored by Rep. Beau LaFave: Prohibition on Businesses of Public Accommodation from Mandating for Customers
  • HB 4793, sponsored by Rep. Matt Maddock: Prohibition on Mandating COVID-19 Vaccine Status on Driver’s Licenses
  • HB 4794, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Yaroch: Prohibition on Mandating COVID-19 Vaccine Status on State-Issued ID

HBs 4789-94 have been referred to the Oversight Committee for further consideration.

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