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Rep. Kunse calls for select committee to investigate Rep. Witwer’s conduct in office
RELEASE|October 3, 2023
Contact: Tom Kunse

State Rep. Tom Kunse, R-Clare, today introduced House Resolution 141 to form a select committee to investigate Rep. Angela Witwer’s conduct in office.

Kunse said the people of Michigan deserve answers about the House appropriations chairwoman’s business connections after a report by The Detroit News revealed that Edge Partnerships, a public relations firm founded by Witwer, has clients that include a variety of organizations that have lobbied for policy changes or funding in the state budget. State documents filed by Edge Partnerships show that as recently as 2022, Witwer was still the resident agent and a member of the business even while serving as a legislator.

Kunse said Edge Partnerships’ clients appear to have benefitted greatly from the historic $82 billion state budget that Witwer crafted earlier this year.

“The people of Michigan deserve full transparency and accountability from the chair of the House Appropriations Committee about where their tax dollars are going,” Kunse said. “We need a proper investigation to uphold the integrity of this institution and ensure that Michigan’s future is shaped by the will of the people, not the interests of the privileged few. Michigan taxpayers expect nothing less than absolute clarity in this matter, and it is the duty of the Speaker of the House to ensure that a thorough investigation is completed.”

Kunse’s resolution would form a six-member select committee, evenly split with Democrats and Republicans, and the Speaker of the House and House Republican Leader would each designate a co-chair. Its findings and recommendations would be reported to the full House of Representatives.

The resolution was referred to the House Government Operations Committee.


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