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Rep. Kunse backs plan to prevent governors from misusing taxpayer dollars, increase accountability
RELEASE|July 12, 2023
Contact: Tom Kunse

State Rep. Tom Kunse is supporting a plan to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent for their intended purpose.

Kunse said the plan, sponsored by Rep. David Martin (R-Davison), would prevent situations like the budget transfer scheme Gov. Gretchen Whitmer orchestrated in 2019 to funnel hundreds of millions of tax dollars into her pet projects. That same year, Whitmer’s budget vetoes also took away funding for veterans’ programs, children with autism, seniors with Alzheimer’s and people struggling to overcome opioid addiction.

“The governor’s recent means of misusing taxpayer funds as an avenue to fund partisan, pet projects are shameful,” said Kunse, of Clare. “In eliminating Legislature-approved support for some of Michigan’s most vulnerable people, Gov. Whitmer put her cards on the table and betrayed the people of Michigan.”

In 2019, Whitmer used the State Administrative Board to divert millions of taxpayer dollars into programs she favored without any oversight or accountability. Her actions eliminated Legislature-approved support – defunding programs to fight human trafficking and help children in foster care, child sexual abuse victims and other at-risk youth.

“In years since, Republicans in the Legislature have included safeguards in each budget that limit the governor’s use of the State Administrative Board for this very reason,” Kunse said. “However, after taking control of the House, Democrats have threatened to eliminate this key accountability measure.”

The plan, House Bill 4877, would limit the amount of money the State Administrative Board could unilaterally redirect into or away from any single line item to $200,000. HB 4877 was referred to the House Appropriations Committee for consideration.

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