Rep Steven Johnson
Rep. Johnson Introduces Bill That Allows for Tractors to Cross the Mackinac Bridge
RELEASE|September 10, 2020

Earlier this month, State Rep. Steve Johnson introduced legislation to ensure tractors that comply with the Michigan Vehicle Code and other minimum speed requirements are able to cross the Mackinac Bridge.

Rep. Johnson credited a local resident for bringing the issue to his attention. “I was approached by a constituent who was having issues with driving his tractor over the Mackinac Bridge” said Johnson, R-Wayland. “He traditionally drives it over the bridge without any issues. However, he was told he must use a trailer this year. I wanted to clarify that as long as you can comply with the Michigan Vehicle Code and other requirements, you can legally cross the Mackinac Bridge.”

Recently there have been concerns that current state law does not allow for this to occur. This bill would clarify that as long as certain basic requirements are met such as paying tolls, maintaining minimum speed, and being in compliance with the Michigan Vehicle Code, it is legal to cross the Mackinac Bridge without need for a trailer to assist in transportation.

House Bill 6156 has been referred to the House Transportation Committee for further consideration.


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