Rep Steven Johnson
Rep. Johnson – 2021 Vote Explanations
RELEASE|February 9, 2021
Roll Call NumberDateBill NumberVoteExplanation
72/4/2021HB 4049YesLike I stated in previous explanations, it is vital for our kids to have an in-person education and participate in school sports, especially when COVID is contracted at much higher rates in places that are allowed to remain open. It’s time to limit the power of an abusive DHHS. PASSED 57-52
62/4/2021HB 4048YesThis only goes into effect if the Governor signs HB 4049 (see below). PASSED 58-51
52/4/2021HB 4047YesThere’s no reason why a business should have to pay property taxes on a business that has been shutdown by the Governor. Also, they sohuldn’t be forced to subsidize the UIA fund because the governor allowed rampant fraud in unemployment. PASSED 59-49
42/4/2021HB 4019YesIt is important that the state improve transparency and efficiency in light of recent vaccine rollout issues. PASSED 58-50
31/13/2021HR 3YesClerk Gary Randall has served as the clerk for over 18 years and has done an excellent job at it. PASSED 106-0
21/13/2021HR 2YesI entered the House of Representatives in 2016 with Rep. Hornberger and she has had a consistent conservative record. She is someone who displays integrity and I am honored to support her as Speaker Pro Tempore. PASSED 106-0
11/13/2021Election of SpeakerYesRepresentative Wentworth has been a strong conservative since entering the House of Representatives and I am excited to see what he does as Speaker over the next couple of years. PASSED 106-0
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