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Rep. Hornberger calls on GLWA to deliver answers to rate payers following water main break
RELEASE|August 16, 2022

State Rep. Pamela Hornberger, R-Chesterfield Township, issued the following statement after the Great Lakes Water Authority water main break left thousands of rate payers without access to clean water:

“Simply put, the rate payers are not receiving the services they have paid for, and the Great Lakes Water Authority owes them answers. The people deserve to know when that pipe was last inspected and by whom; how regularly inspections occur; why nothing of concern was found during the last inspection; and who will be paying for the repairs. GLWA has failed to keep up its infrastructure and thus failed to serve the communities that rely on it.

“Bridges and roads continue to be in constant disrepair under the Whitmer administration – and now, this water infrastructure crisis could take two weeks to fix. The governor’s campaign motto hasn’t amounted to much since 2018. Perhaps she doesn’t plan to start until 2023.”


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