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Rep. Hoitenga: Tax relief must be a priority for Michigan residents
RELEASE|January 27, 2022

As inflation, shortages and supply chain disruptions send costs for working families soaring, state Rep. Michele Hoitenga today criticized Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for failing to put forth comprehensive tax relief ideas in her annual State of the State address.

“Republicans in the Legislature have continually called for tax breaks to help hard-working people and their families. This is a major priority. People have seen rising costs due to inflation and have gone through incredible hardship the past several months,” said Hoitenga, of Manton. “I fear with the giant influx of federal dollars to assist in COVID-19 response, the governor is more focused on spending and supporting bigger government through tax increases. That’s not the right approach for the people of Michigan.”

Federal rules generally have prohibited the use of one-time COVID relief and infrastructure funds to lower taxes. However, the state’s own tax revenues have outperformed previous expectations. The latest Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference projects $7 billion combined on the state’s general fund and school aid fund balance sheets, which is unprecedented.

Instead of seeking to raise taxes, Hoitenga said the funding should create the ability to aggressively pursue broad relief in needed areas – such as repealing the pension tax.

“While I appreciate the governor emphasizing the need to address the pension tax, the time is now for us to follow through and get this done for the many retirees who were promised tax-free public pensions for most of their careers,” Hoitenga said. “I have been supportive of repealing the pension tax since taking office, and I committed to seeing this reform get across the finish line for our seniors.”


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