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Rep. Harris votes to protect Michigan taxpayers, opposes tax increase
RELEASE|February 10, 2023
Contact: Mike Harris

State Rep. Mike Harris on Thursday opposed a bill designed to block a permanent income tax cut for Michigan residents and small businesses that will otherwise take effect this year.

The long-awaited income tax cut has the potential to save individual taxpayers and small businesses billions of dollars over time. However, House Bill 4001, which passed the House of Representatives on Thursday, would instead force people to continue paying a higher tax rate.

“Michiganders pay steep prices everywhere — in the store, at the gas pump, and on their monthly bills, and they’re set to receive permanent income tax relief starting this year,” said Harris, R-Waterford. “After it was secretly written behind closed doors, this complex legislation to steal away relief from taxpayers passed the House without any opportunity for debate. When we should be making life more affordable for Michigan families, I cannot support an uncalled-for tax increase.”

Harris supports portions of HB 4001 that would increase the earned income tax credit for working families and help retirees save on their taxes — including a full income tax deduction for the pensions of retired police officers and firefighters. In January, Harris voted for a separate bill to boost the earned income tax credit, and he also sponsored a legislative amendment to immediately provide a full deduction for police and fire pensions. However, the latest version of HB 4001 redirects funds toward one-time $180 checks in a way that would prevent the automatic income tax cut from taking effect. The bill that passed the House also funds $1.5 billion in handouts for large corporations.

“Hiding an unpopular tax hike and controversial handouts for corporations in a bill for tax relief is just wrong,” Harris said. “The people of Michigan shouldn’t have to give up a permanent tax cut and give out money to corporations just to get some other relief.”

HB 4001 is now before the Senate.


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