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Rep. Harris supports bipartisan measure condemning anti-Jewish hatred
RELEASE|May 2, 2024
Contact: Mike Harris

Resolution recognizing End Jew-Hatred Day in Michigan gets sent to committee

State Rep. Mike Harris on Thursday co-sponsored a resolution recognizing May 2 as End Jew-Hatred Day and denouncing hatred, harassment, and discrimination against the Jewish community.

Amid a rise in antisemitic rhetoric and lawbreaking at universities in recent weeks, House Resolution 247 condemns the bigotry the Jewish community faces in the workplace, on school campuses, and in public spaces. Although Democrats and Republicans signed on to the measure, House Democrat leadership referred HR 247 to the Committee on Government Operations, which rarely meets or discusses legislation.

“Our Jewish neighbors are experiencing open hatred and hostility, “said Harris, R-Waterford. “Mobs have trespassed on college campuses, harassing and even assaulting Jewish students and blocking others from going to class. It is well past time for this nonsense to stop.

“Evil rhetoric and lawless action demand strong condemnation. Our bipartisan resolution denounces antisemitic hatred in all its forms, and it’s disappointing that this straightforward measure did not receive the immediate and unanimous approval it deserves.”

HR 247 states that everyone shares an obligation to condemn and combat anti-Jewish hatred in all of its forms. The measure recognizes the urgent need to stand against antisemitism so that the intergenerational trauma of the past won’t be repeated.

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