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Rep. Hall working to protect gun owners with advancing plan
RELEASE|March 10, 2022
Contact: Matt Hall

The Michigan House today approved legislation authored by state Rep. Matt Hall to protect gun owners from impractical and burdensome penalties.

House Bill 4003 reduces the penalty for carrying a concealed pistol on an expired concealed pistol license to a civil fine. The current penalty is a felony. If a person remains eligible to obtain a CPL and their license has been expired for less than one year before the date of the violation, they would face a $330 fine.

“The current felony penalty is overly harsh and can significantly disrupt people’s lives,” said Hall, of Marshall. “It can impact their ability to get or keep a job, get a loan to cover education costs and many other things – even if their license has only been expired for one day. People have already met the necessary safety and education requirements to have a CPL. They don’t just lose that knowledge when it expires, so this is common-sense criminal justice reform.”

Hall also said some individuals do not receive a reminder letter for renewal and are not aware their license is about to expire or already has. This problem often arises when a person moves and a reminder letter is sent to a prior address.

HB 4003 now moves to the Senate for further consideration.

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